Develop product positioning & sales tools. Take tech talk and make it accessible, please.


Client Challenge

A leading global software company was looking for a Product Marketing Consultant to develop product positioning and creative sales enablement tools for the company’s streaming video platform. They needed more than just a marketing guru. They needed someone who could actually understand the technical complexities of the technology and convey them in a way easily digestible by the sales team.

Sage Consultant

The Sage Group team loves a challenge, and provided just the right consultant for the job. His computer science degree coupled with an Ivy League MBA and experience developing and marketing highly technical products at some of the Bay Area’s leading networking companies allowed him to fully grasp the value of our client’s product. His deep understanding of the “sales psych” after years of working closely with sales teams allowed him to create compelling sales and marketing tools easily understood by nontechnical audiences.


The Result?

The Sage Group consultant made an immediate impact, becoming an integral part of the global product marketing team. Even before the consultant’s engagement was scheduled to end, our client knew they couldn’t lose this resource and extended a full time offer.